The Ball

One Friday night my dad and I went to the McDonalds to eat but we didnt have enough time to finish our food because we were going to the movies to see My Soul to Take(not scary).

So I told my dad to just put his drink and food in my purse and we will just sneek it in to the movies and finish it there. So he did....
After the movie was over he tryed his best to scare me but it didnt work because it wasnt scary to me.

When we got back home we noticed a "ball" laying in our yard. We walked closer to the ball and my dad said "hey thats a football im going to get it" so my dad went closer and I followed, as we got closer and closer I told my dad to just kick it.

So my dad was fixing to kick the "football" when all of a sudden the "ball" jumped up and ran into the bushes! It was an armidillo!!!

Classic mix up! I had a blast with my dad that one Friday night!!!!

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