The Bad Day

by Avery



It was the first day of school.

Lizzy woke up, her alarm was going off and the bus had just gotten there! She got dressed and raced down stairs, grated a muffin and zoom... she was out the door.

Sadly, it was to late to catch the bus.

"Mom... you have to drive me to school" Lizzy said, unhappily. Then, when she walked into school, Mr. Scary { the principle } grinned and tricked me into a visit to the office.

She finally got to class. And her teacher was handing out a test! Lizzy zipped through it and got it done in 3 minutes. When she got her results it was... 'F-'. Lizzy was so confused.

At lunch Lizzy sat beside Daylen and he got spit on her new dress. At the end of the day she got her report card and got all... 'F-'. Lizzy went home, unhappy.

When she gave her mom her report card. She got grounded. Then at dinner Lizzy had to eat the worst food. She thinks and it was chicken.

After dinner Lizzy was forced to take a bubble bath with her sister's rubber duck. Then she had to go straight to bed.

And that was it for Lizzy.

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