The Attic!

by Lucy Rogers
(Stockton U.K.)

Why am I always the one that gets in trouble? I try my best to impress my strict father. I live in a big house, I sleep in the attic. Since my mum went missing, everything has changed. I used to share a room with my sister but dad said it's not right for a boy and a girl to share the same room. I knew I couldn't argue with him, after-all he is my father and he knows what is best.

My name is Kieran and I am 15, I live with my dad John who is 38 and my sister Lana who is 17. Even though I am really good, my sister always finds a way for me to get the blame...for everything! Like one time at my birthday party, my dad told us we were having the cake after our tea. Lana couldn't resist, so she took a handful. As usual Lana made up some excuse why it couldn't have been her and that it must have been me.

Another time was when me and my best friend Jason were playing in the back yard. Lana and her stupid friends Kirsty and Sally came to annoy us. They threw mud all over themselves. But it gets worse. They went into my house and told my dad it was me and Jason. I got grounded and Jason got sent home and then grounded! No wonder my dad makes me sleep in the attic.

Anyway, today me and Jason are going to sort out the rest of the bits and bobs in the attic. I mean I can't carry on sleeping in there when there is a load of junk waiting to be sorted out. I wonder if we will find any treasure in there, I mean half the stuff in there looks ancient!

Jason knocks on the door, my dad answers it. My dad tells him I'm already in the attic. He tells him to go up and see me. My sister didn't come home last night and my dad is really worried, so am I. If she slept at one of her friends why didn't she tell dad. She could have called or even texted. At least then we would know where she was.

First me and Jason found some old photos of my mum, I got emotional and put them away. I couldn't stand thinking about her being missing. We tried looking for her for years, but she was nowhere. Then Jason found a trunk, but it was locked and the key was not in sight. It had to be in there somewhere. So me and Jason searched and searched for a key that would fit into the keyhole of the trunk.

And then I saw it, the key, a shiver went down my spine. It better fit, I thought. But just as I was about to open it my dad shouted us for tea. So we went down and asked my dad if we could eat it in the attic. At first he thought we were joking and then when he saw that we were serious, we knew what the answer was.

For tea there was mash and toad in the hole, which had been put in the microwave. My mum used to make some lovely Sunday dinners, but I guess women are better cooks. Me and Jason tried to rush it, but my sister walked through the door with Kirsty. My dad went mad, asking more questions than usual. Lana claimed her phone ran out of charge so she couldn't tell him she was staying at Kirsty's.

He forgave her as normal. Once me and Jason were finished eating we went back into the attic. This was the moment of truth, what was really in the trunk? Lets find out! I slowly placed the key in the hole and turned it.

I felt sick, I cried, I screamed, it was my mother's rotting corpse. My dad came up and saw her, he nearly fainted, his face turned red and to my surprise, she still had a screaming expression on her face. She was gone... she was dead!

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