The Aswang

by George
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)



Growing up in Canada, (I'm just 14 now) I have seen many horror movies and had lots of attempts at scaring myself. But I find the scariest things are from my moms stories of her childhood.

When she was a little girl living in the Philippines, her and her siblings used to play outside until it became very late. And back then, the Philippines used to be quite clean. So one night she and her three brothers decided to go catch some fish down by the river at night so that they could eat them for breakfast in the morning.

As they were catching fish, the sun began to set and the dust roads started to get emptier, the shops started closing and she was still there with her brothers looking for at least five more fish.

She caught a fish and put it in her basket and she felt a fine hand start stroking her hair softly untying the knots. She dismissed it and allowed the stroking to continue because she knew it was just her grandmother probably sent to fetch her and her brothers to go home and eat first. Her grandmother always tried untying the knots and making her hair smooth.

After some time, she realized it was very quiet and looked around but couldn't find them anywhere. And in the distance she heard her grandmother calling for her. She got up and the stroking stopped. She became confused about who was stroking her hair and started to get scared. She looked around and in the neighbour's house in a tree she saw what looked like half of a person hiding in the palm leaves. She looked at it closer thinking it was a dead person that somehow got in the trees, but it was a man with wings and the right side of his body not including his head was missing. It looked like it was trying to climb down but that's when she ran home.

When I asked what name she gave it she said it was an "Aswang".

My cousins back home say that if you run too far along the river, you will begin hearing a sort of "croogk crogk" sound, and that if you keep wandering too far, you will meet a woman hiding among the banana trees. They say that she is missing half of her body and she leaps tree to tree looking for a dead body or going to cemeteries looking to eat dead bodies.

It is a folk monster of the Philippines that has many variations and many names. One variation is the "tik tik" that sucks babies from a sleeping mother's womb.

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