The Artist

by Samantha

Artist's Palette

Artist's Palette

One sunny afternoon there was an artist (His name is confidential). He went outside in his front yard because he wanted to paint. He searched around looking for something beautiful to draw.

Across the street was a woman in a red dress, it seemed as though she was dancing. She was swaying back and forth under a tree. The artist painted a picture of her, he thought she was so graceful. He waited for her to stop dancing, she didn't, she just kept on dancing as normal under that big tree.

He gave up and went inside. It was 10:00pm, the artist looked out his bedroom window and the woman was still dancing under the tree. The artist went to sleep dreaming about the woman with the red dress.

He was woken up by a police siren, he got up and ran outside. The police were across the street.
"Sir, there has been a murder on this street." The officer told him. The artist looked across the street and saw the woman swaying under the tree.

The artist ran across the street and took a closer look at her. She was hung on the tree by the neck!

Police still don't know who killed her and who saw the murder. The artist took that sight to his grave. There was one person that didn't belong at the funeral though. Could he be the killer?

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