The Arm

by Runeblade Cortez
(Laguna, Philippines)

Adaptive photo (Not the real setting)

Adaptive photo (Not the real setting)

In an old University in the Philippines, there was a very phobic female nursing student. Everyone had said that being a nurse wasn't meant for her, yet still she insisted.

One day, two teenage boys played a prank on her. Since she was easily scared, the two pranksters got an old rotting disembodied arm inside a jar filled with Formaldehyde they got from the biology lab. Wearing gloves, they carefully placed it on a hospital bed and covered it with a white blanket to scare the girl. They called her and said, "Please get the dissecting lens on the bed". The girl went inside without knowing that a disembodied arm was under that blanket. When she pulled the blanket, she was shocked and screamed at the top of her lungs. The two boys got out and locked her inside that room. "Let me out" cried the poor girl. The boys ignored her while laughing. They gave each other a high five. All they could hear was the girl pleading to let her out of that room with the arm.

All of a sudden, the pleading stopped. The boys wondered why the girl suddenly stopped screaming and pleading to open the door. They got a little scared so they finally opened the door to let the girl out, only to found the greatest scare of their lives. After opening the door, the girl just sat there with her hair so messy. The intense fear drove her crazy. She just sat there, drenched in sweat and tears... so dirty... eating the arm.

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