The Annual Tell-A-Lie Contest

by Ella

One day I was walking down the street when I saw a sign. It said, “THE 20TH ANNUAL TELL-A-LIE CONTEST.” I had to go, so I packed a backpack with water and some notes of my best lies. I was off to the contest.

I saw this kid that everyone was interviewing. I heard his name was Elmer, and he had won every contest since the contests started. I was kind of nervous, but soon the contest began.

One man took Elmer over to a broken window and asked,“ How did this break?” Elmer said, “ Well, there was this vulture, and he flew into the garage, grabbed a bat, and whipped it at a nearby UFO. The UFO got mad and shot a laser through the window; that is how the window broke.”

Then the man took me to the window and asked me, “How did this window break?” I told him, “ I was running when I saw a monkey. He had the powers to make me run fast so I ran to Montana in fifteen minutes. The monkey was mad that I didn’t take him to Montana so he broke a hole in the window.” “That is how the window broke”, I said.”

The judges gave their votes, and they were just about to give the trophy to Elmer when one of the judges yelled out, “ I want Ella!”

They handed me the trophy, and it was filled with candy and note cards with really good lies on them. I won’t lie at home though.

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