The Adventures of Harry: Ghosts? There's no such thing!

by Catherine Pahljina
(Melbourne, Australia)

It was a rainy evening. Harry was lying on his bed, reading a book about Ghosts. He was not afraid of many things and the thing that kept him from being scared tonight was that his parents were watching television and he could hear the buzz.

After what seemed like hours, Harry couldn't hear the buzz of the television anymore. He had not heard his parents go to bed so he was worrying. He shook himself. He musn't be scared. They probobly just turned it off. But Harry couldn't hear them anywhere in the house. He put down his book and went to the top of the stairs. the lights were off. The television was off. He tiptoed down the stairs. Then Harry heard a soft moaning sound. His heart missed a beat.

Ghosts? There's no such thing! He turned around and saw a huge white figure coming towards him. Harry screamed and ran to the front door. It was locked. No one was there to help him. He spun round and saw the white figure again. Harry saw he was holding a swiss army knife. It looked so familiar. Then again, the figure looked so familiar too. It looked, it couldn't be, his father?

Harry screamed again and another figure came out of no where. They were ghosts! Harry tried smashing the door open. It didn't work. Harry ran to the back door and saw it was open. He looked out and saw his parents in the pool. They had drowned. Harry then saw two beer bottles. So they were drunk. He felt a cold breeze sweep past him. He was now an orphan.

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