The Abandoned Children and the Wolves

by Jacob
(United States)

One day in a little town just away from Brisbane, two people lived called Samantha and Peter. They weren’t wealthy people, and lived in a small farm house with 2 new born babies.

After 6 weeks, her and her husband were relocated by the government to another little town about an hour away, as they couldn’t afford to live in their home anymore. They were forbidden to bring their children as they were moving to an old hospital, which had half broken down, cement floors that had been half torn up, roves with lost pavers that lie along it, blankets made out of straw, and matresses with holes in them. In this case not a very pleasant place to bring up young children.

Along with the other villagers they were forced with no choice to move, all without their children. So 2 days later the parents of the two babies, Joe and Grace, where forced to leave with their young children to defend for themselves.

Later on that night a pack of wolves were hunting as they came along Joe and Grace and picked them up and took them back to their cave. Back at the cave the wolves lay the babies down on a bed of hay, and kept them warm and fed them, and took care of them as they were their own babies.

Two years later, the parents came back to search for the children, as they went back to their little farm. Until night came, and the wolves came out again, with the babies Joe and Grace with them. They behaved like wild beasts and tore chunks of cloth out of the parents clothes. As now they were wearing torn clothes with bite marks on their legs of where their children had bitten them. They were most upset and wandered away in shock and disgrace. They were ashamed as this is what had become of them with their bad parenting.

They went back and told the villagers what had happened and decided to go back and help them. As they went back that night they waited until the wolves came out, with their children Joe and Grace. As the wolves came out they attacked the parents and the villagers leaving some to die and some half dying.

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