The Abaddon (Chapter 2)

by T.V.

Sael was woken up the next morning with fighter still curled up by her side. She had been awoken by the music of the DreamCatchers her family and clan (town) had always lived in fear from. Their music sounded liked rattling bones, but more beautiful and eery. She patiently waited for Fighter to wake up, until she really felt she had to sit up. She eased herself up so that she could sit against the cold, rock cave she’d slept in with Fighter. She soon found just how uncomfortable it was. She tried moving to different places, though she had to move very slowly to get out of Fighters grip, but nothing helped. Finally, she turned around to see what had happened to the poor cave wall. And she gasped.

On it was writings from 2500. Now it was 3890. That was many years from when that wall had been carved on. She knew it was from 2500 because of the tongue it was written in. Over the ages, the tongue of her country had changed, over and over. But surprisingly she understood it.

“Urb Mehh lenthh...” she started to read. It had been a language that had a lot of ‘rolls’. As in, you had to keep letters for a while, as if rolling a stone in your mouth. Except the words weren’t solid or grimey.

“Eph noklel...oh this is no use! It’s just goobledigook about the demons coming to earth. I already know this.” Sael moaned to herself.

“Oh great Pais! First sign of madness, talking to yourself!” Sael said. Suddenly her name caught he eye on the stone. All she saw at first was Sael. But then when she looked to where she had seen Sael, she saw more. She saw Saelina Staley Polt. Her full name. And in clear letters, just like her handwriting, it said

“Epf loh tih nema Saelina Staley Polt.” which meant For Saelina Staley Polt. And underneath it said

“Dear Saelina. I am hear to tell you that I, Stacy Green Polt, know something that you need to. If you are wondering, I am your great, great, great and so on grandmother in the time of 2500. And you, actually, our family, our ancestors all the way to the Romans have been fighting the abbadon even though in some ages our religion was different. You are the chosen one in this age Saelina. You will kill the abbadon.” Sael finished reading.

“Stupid...untrue...Stacy? Romans?” Sael muttered to herself. “Wo-ow they had weird names.” then she finally decided she couldn’t take the cave any more. It was very uncomfortable and soggy. Sael generaly didn’t like uncomfortable and soggy things. Even though her bed at her old cottage wasn’t that comfortable, and since it was packed with straws, whenever there was a leak it was very soggy, but she still didn’t like the cave. And she was starting to hear the footsteps of DreamCatchers. Their footsteps were like dance steps and music. Luring to anyone who did not know who they belonged to. Then an unsuspecting victim would come to the place of the DreamCatchers. They were beautiful beyond belief. They would usually give you an enormous feast, however they would not actually eat themselves. They would sit smiling, their pale skin either sparkling in the sunlight or in the night glowing. Their burning gold, sapphire, or emerald eyes would confuse you and lull you, and their musical voices would chatter quietly so you became more and more relaxed and sleepy with every minute. Then when they saw you were tired, they would lead you to a tent, with a nice, warm bed and a few other people, and leave a bowl of something you were told not to open until the next morning. Most people were too tired to even have time to check what was inside so they went strait to sleep. Then the DreamCatchers would pounce in the night on each person in the tent. And the next morning the victims that were still alive had turned into DreamCatchers and were told to open the bowl to see what was inside. And it was blood. Though sometimes, rarely, victims had escaped or tricked the DreamCatchers. Sael knew all this. Her parents however, did not. Her parents only knew what signs to look out for. And Sael knew everything because she had come across a DreamCatcher camp before she knew anything about them. She was about 10 and her parents had not wanted to scare her. She had been tired and hungry and lost. And they welcomed her with open arms. She went to the tents to sleep, but couldn’t. After only a few minutes a DreamCatcher came in. Sael was about to tell them that she couldn’t sleep when it started sniffing like an animal. It then went to the person farthest from her and bit it. The person opened their eyes and horror was shining inside. However, it was only a few seconds before the persons eyes glazed over and the DreamCatcher threw out the body. Then the DreamCatcher went out. Another DreamCatcher soon came and bit the person who had been second closest to Saelina. This DreamCatchers victim did not die however. They opened their eyes, also horror in them for a few seconds, then suddenly a deep red started to enter the victims eyes. And a vicious expression entered the eyes of the victim. It tried to get up but the DreamCatcher pushed the victim down.

“Wait until morning. It won’t take too long.” the DreamCatcher said. The victim writhed, it looked in immense pain, and that made sense since he was loosing blood quickly. The DreamCatcher soon left, and even though Sael wanted to help the victim, she knew she couldn’t. She opened the bowl to see if it could help her and found blood. For a second she was disgusted, then she realized her luck. She reluctantly put blood on her neck so that she looked like the victim farthest away from her then she closed the bowl and just then another DreamCatcher went in. It came towards her then stopped and looked curiously. Suddenly, Sael realized her mistake. And she was sure she would die. Suddenly the DreamCatcher smiled sadly.

“You are in luck young’un. I know you are a faker, however I am one of very little that hate their fate. And you, at such a young age getting what has happen to me, happen to you, that’s abominable! Follow me...” the dreamcatcher said. Sael was a little reluctant, thinking it might be a trick. She went along with it though, it was her only choice. Well, she also had the choice of dying unpleasantly or turning into a DreamCatcher. She was quite sure she didn’t want any one of those 2 choices. She soon found out that the DreamCatcher was truthful and kind. And it surprised her. But she was also quite happy. She had made it out alive, only aged 10. But it was luck that got her out alive. Not tactics. Well, mostly luck and a tiny bit of tactics.
She then had rushed home to her worried parents. But now, if she was caught by “them”, she would, most certainly, not have that kind of luck. And, if for some impossible reason she did, she would have no where to run back to. That thought made her feel a little depressed. But she had to move on, further up the mountain now. So she quickly woke up fighter, and went off, making sure to be as far away as she could from the DreamCatchers footsteps, bu also as far away from the Abaddon’s angry cry too. As she heard it, she shivered. What if....what if it was true? What if this... “Stacy” was not made up by a bunch of well educated, but unkind teenagers? Sael tried not to concentrate on that.

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