The Abaddon (Chapter 1)

by T.V.

“Bring it up Saels!!!” Saelina’s (pronounced Sa-ye-leena or Sa-ye-l) father shouted. Carrying up the panestones she’d found, Saelina walked up the dirty, slope like, crumbling, bronze tunnel up into the sunlight. She greeted her father with dust filled air. She coughed and handed him the straw bag of panestones. They glinted, all different shades of blue and all shaped uniquely.

“You’ve gotten a good load today! You really have!” Saelina’s father smiled kindly. Saelina just pulled at her wavy shoulder length brunette hair and waited impatiently to get home. She put her hand over her burning gold eyes to get the midnight sun away and she looked at her balding father.

“Can we go now?” she asked. She was only 12 and she knew she needed way more sleep than she got.

“Guess we should.” yawned her father. He straitened out his patched shirt which showed just how little he ate, ignored the fact that his jeans were (as always) covered with grime, and set off towards his and Saelina’s little cottage. Saelina straithened out her jeans, pulled her tank top over the top of her jeans, laced up her converse and went after him. Sadly, the cottage was crumbling down now, fully made of mud and stones, and some wood. Saelina’s 3 year old brother Bruno, who had beautiful fair hair, was admiringly waiting for Saelina, even though he had been scolded last time for doing so. However her mother (who also had wonderful fair hair) was waiting with Bruno and not caring he was still awake. She straitened her apron nervously and tugged t her blue sleeveless dress. She also had a morose expression on. Saelina put two and two together. Something VERY bad had happened.

“Staley (Stu-lay) dear! Is the baby okay?” he asked.

“Kaline (Ka-leen) is fine. But she probably won’t be for long.” Saelina’s mom said miserably.

“Why??” Saelina asked.

“We can’t stay. Something bad is army of who knows what. Are they locusts? Humans? I don’t know. But Abaddon has raised them and he isn’t giving up. We’re going to have to walk up that mountain to escape this all. A better land is said to reign there, Sael” Saelina’s mom said. Sael (I will now call Saelina that) gasped and felt faint.

“The terrible demon of... Isn’t he.... a myth? To scare babes and children to sleep? The Abby you called him.” Sael said desperately.

“No Saelina!” her mother moaned. Bruno stood silently, understanding more than his family thought possible. Saelina’s father was also completely silent. Dumbfounded.

“I’m going to go get Kaline. Pack up the panestones and anything else you will really desperately need. We will be making a new start in a new place with the panestones.” her mother said. Saelina got to work. As her mother came back holding the only 2 month old Kaline Saelina finished. They opened the door and headed out into the cold misty night, the midnight sun guiding them. They heard the angry blood-thirsty cry of the Abbadon. They shivered in unison, even Kaline and Bruno. Suddenly a shape flu past. It was tan colored with womens hair. One of the creatures the Abaddon had raised.

“Run!” Saelina’s mother screamed. Saelina dropped a few panestones by mistake and was about to go back to pick them up when she saw that the creature seemed to enjoy them. Saelina threw some more and ran. The creature however refused to stop following her. It walked up to her and (surprisingly) nudged her affectionately. It was very small, a straying baby, and it was actually a little cute, it’s hooves tapping affectionately. Sael reached down for some more panestones and fed the creature out of her hand. It nuzzled her when it finished. Even though the creatures were supposed to be ferocious, this one was alone and scared. So Sael decided to take him with her. He could really help her and her family. It probably had amazing fighting skills. But as she looked for her family she saw nothing except for the dusty road and the midnight sun shining down on the even mistier mountain.

“Mother!” Sael screamed. But she knew her mother would not answer. The little hooved creature mimicked her cry. That’s what these creatures did. First mimick, then actually talk for themselves. It was a horrible truth, but Sael knew she was alone. And she felt happy she had found the hooved animal. Even if it had cost her her family. She walked on with the creature and looked down at it. It stared up at her with the biggest, cutest eyes Sael had ever seen. And she had seen her baby sisters eyes! Oh how she missed her baby sister. But she could not think about that. In hope that the little creature would do well in protecting her, Sael decided on a name for it.

“Fighter. You are Fighter.” she said petting it. It seemed to agree with the name. They went on and saw a cave and settled for the night.

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