The 3rd of August

by Mikyla Wilson
(Cape Town)

Just the other day I was walking my dog when I passed my best friend's house, so I thought I'd quickly pop in to say hi. To my surprise, when I opened the door the whole family was crying.

I asked them what was wrong and my friend told me the story. She said that her aunt Magnolia decided to move out of town, to a place named Regeret Fields. She moved in to a beautiful little town house with green shutters, a red front door and a white little picket fence. Only problem was the people of the town, they didn't seem to like Magnolia, they would stare at her with angry eyes while she worked in her garden or went shopping or even came out side.

She didn't seem to care, but one night just an hour after the sun went down, when Magnolia was reading her favorite book, she heard the groans of about 200 people out side on the street. She put her book down and went to see what it was.

What she saw shocked her, every one who lived in the town was walking down the road in a sloppy way, like some kind of zombie or something. As you might have guessed, she followed them. Eventually they stopped in an abandoned theatre, turned to Magnolia and pulled her to the stage. They tied her down to an old piano and stabbed her. Her body was found a week later.

It turns out that every one in that town turns crazy because of some curse on the 3rd of August, and the town's real name was Regret Fields. Always make sure you notice spelling mistakes.

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