The 3 Musketeers

by Bonnie Wright

Swallows (so I can't count)

Swallows (so I can't count)

A couple of years ago, there were swallows nesting in our garage. When we renovated it, what did we find but a small group of little fledglings!

Of course their parents had now abandoned them and they had no means of getting food. As we looked into their small, bright, beady eyes we knew we had to look after them.

We placed them in a safe and warm cardboard box and fed them worms, which, as we found out later was a great mistake.

A word of advice to people hoping to rear fledglings - ALWAYS FEED THEM THE SPECIAL BIRD FEED YOU GET IN PET SHOPS!

They survived for a number of days, but one morning we arrived and they were gone. Sadly, we buried them in our garden. We had done all we could and I hope they're at rest now.

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