Terror Town

by Becca

They say starting a new life is never easy. Well today i test that theory. You see just last week there was a terrible accident while i was at a friends house for the night my house caught on fire in the middle of the night and both my parents died. I was devastated.

the police picked me up around 2:30 and sat me down. Laura there was a accident officer joe said, what kind of accident whats going on? laura your parents died in a house fire. i fell to the floor my eyes filled up with tears. And now here i am on a bus leaving my old life in ohio behind and starting over. i have no other family in ohio so i have to move with my aunt marie in a small town im not sure of the name i dont really care.

as i got off the bus i looked around to see if i could find my aunt marie no sight of her anywhere i sat down in on the curb it was a nice day so i didnt mind. it must have been a half hour before a shadow came over me. are you lost i heard a male voice say. i jumped and said no im waiting for my aunt. he had lite brown hair wiht blue eyes and he was cute. He put his hand out for me to shake and said my name is kyle. I looked up at him took his and and said laura. So you said you were waiting for your aunt he said. Yea she knew i was comming i dont know where she is. well do you know where she lives he said. i replied no i havnt seen or talked to her in years. well whats her name marie ashlynn, he looked in disbelive and slowly backed away you cant go to that house laura bad things have happened unexplained things, are you trying to frighten me? laura listen your aunt is a which at night she goes in to town destroying every thing laura plese dont go. his eyes got bigger and he fell to the floor. there you are laura i heard an elderly voice behind me i turned around and seen a lady with long black and grey hair. aunt marie i said in a shaky voice. yes darling i hardly reconised you come give your aunt a hug. we got in her car and she drove to her house.

we arived to a big mansoin i took my bags out her car she took me on a quick tour we arrived to a room with a big brown door. this is your room laura said my aunt. she opened the door and there it was a room with dingy yellow walls with a book shelf a dresser a desk and a big bed. i hope you like it she said as she walked out. i began to unpack i folded my cloths and put them in a drawer nice and neat. while unpacking i found a picture of my mom and dad all wrinkled from the ride, i straightened it out the best i could and taped it to my wall. laura dinner my aunt yelled. i proceded down the stairs into the kitchen where i saw a long table and my aunt sitting there. i sat down and looked beef stew. i wasnt a big fan of beef stew but i ate it without complaint. i thanked my aunt a went to my room to get ready for bed.

i put on my pj's and cracked my window, and slowly drifted to sleep. i was awaken by a terrifing scream i jumped out of bed and almost fell i looked out my window and saw ploice lights and ran outside laura get back in the house i looked and it was kyle he grabed my hand and ran in the house slamming the door behind him. whats going on i asked him in a staggered breth he said yuor aunt is going crazy. i heard a loud crash from up stairs your aunts here i gotta go. he gave me a peck on the check and took off out the front door. my aunt came down the stairs and i tried to hide laura she said what are you doing up this late i got nervous and said i woke up and was thristy and i must have gotten lost. oh well i'll show you to the kitchen i got my glass of water. got back in my bed and couldnt get back to sleep i had to much on my mind. my aunt, kyle and starting over.

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