Terror In the Woods

by Jaylen

Christie, Nina, and Rachel were taking a hike through the woods on a cloudy, windy Saturday. They thought that it was just going to be an average hike, but they will soon learned that they were wrong.

“You know what, I’m about to smash that phone to bits if you don’t stop texting on it!” exclaimed Nina.

“Sorry, but my friend Jennifer won’t stop telling me about that new mall. She said that they have this new shoe store that has tons of designer shoes. I am so going there!” said Christie.

They continued on their hike for about another hour, until they came across a large cabin.

“I’ve been on this path plenty of times and I don’t remember this cabin being here. Let’s see who lives there.” said Rachel. They walked up to the door and knocked three times.

“Well, I guess no one lives here. Let’s go, this cabin is seriously creeping me out.” said Christie in a frightened voice. Nina, being very nosy, peeked in through the window. There were cobwebs everywhere in sight, broken furniture, ragged carpets, and broken glass shards on the floor. Then Nina saw something that she wish she had never seen.

“Oh my gosh, guys there is a dead woman on the floor in here” cried Nina. They all huddled around the window and Christie let out an ear piercing scream.

“There is an arrow through her head!” yelled Rachel, covering her mouth. They suddenly got a text message that read, “Watch out, that will be you soon!”’ They all looked at each other, horror filled in each of their eyes, and they started to run back down the path. After running for about another three minutes, they got another text that read, ”Not such a good idea, but I think I will select my prey now.”

“What is going-“ but before Christie could finish, an arrow went through her head.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Rachel and Nina together and they sprinted through the trees and shrubs. They stopped for breath, and Rachel whipped out her phone and replied to the stranger saying, “What do you want?” His reply was, “ TO SEE AN ARROW THROUGH YOUR HEADS!” Then an arrow went through Rachel’s and Nina’s heads.

Then Christie walked through the tall trees and said, “ Wow, I didn’t know I could kill these girls so easily. I guess that arrow through my head looked real!”

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Mar 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

I don't get it

Jul 23, 2008
You are amazing
by: Mom & Dad

WOW! This is your second published short story and it is amazing! You are the best son a mom and dad could ask for. We are so proud of you. Keep shooting for the stars! We love you.

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