Sweetheart, don't run away


2011... I was running hard next door to my neighbors house. Okay, you're probably wondering what is going on. Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Lexi Lorand and I am twelve years old. I live in England, I should have listened to that woman when I bought that book to wake that ghost up. She said to never say those four words! "Come, Come to me." I was such a dumb cluck.

I reached my neighbor's house and knocked rapidly on their door. Please...open up...please...I thought, I was biting my lip so hard that it started to bleed. I knocked some more, the door opened slowly. I wasn't expecting this. A girl wore a bloody and torn white dress, her eye sockets filled with blood and messy black hair greeted me. I let out a scream that would have broken the windows and she screamed too but a hoarse scream and I ran.

I heard her behind me. Suddenly, she said in a sweet lovely voice..."Sweetheart, don't run away" I gulped and kept on running. She was behind me, so close. I could smell blood and could nearly taste it, as if it was in my mouth! Then I heard her footsteps fade away, Weird, did she get tired or something? I thought. Confused I ran to the nearest building, the library. It was open, the lights were on there and I saw people inside. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I sighed with relief, people who weren't dead or creepy ghosts. A woman came up to me. She smiled. "Welcome... TO HELL!" She roared this last sentence. Everyone around the library turned around and turned into disgusting creatures. They were moving slowly to me. I couldn't move nor speak, I was paralyzed with fear.

Closer they were moving... closer. I heard a familiar voice, I hoped I would never hear again. "Sweetheart, don't run away." I turned around. Why did I turn around? You know who it was. That ghost. I closed my eyes and a disgusting smell came into my nose. I should have died like my family, I didn't want to be here, but why would I be taken into heaven?

I started the mess. I screamed as I felt the most unbearable pain I had felt in my whole life. I was clawed, bitten and stabbed all at the same time. I felt myself falling down... down... and screamed my very last scream.

2012... A girl was happily pawing through stacks of books until she found a interesting one. The shopkeeper stepped up behind her and gasped. "You wouldn't want to take that, young girl." She warned the girl in a low voice. "Why not? It's just a book. Sheesh, do you believe in ghosts and scary legends?" Asked the girl, rolling her eyes. "No, there was a scary incident last year about a girl that died by chanting four words. So did her neighbors and family. I warned her, but that stubborn little girl never listened. "The shopkeeper sighed. "Poor little girl. If you want to take that book, do not chant the four words, or you will suffer like that girl did." "Whatever, I'm taking it."

The girl was at home, lying on her stomach reading the book. She found the four words and grinned. "I'm going to prove that what that lady said isn't true!" She chanted the four words, "Come, come to me." She waited, nothing happened.
The girl heard a loud THUNK! She looked up. Saw what Lexi Lorand saw. "Sweetheart, don't run away."

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