Sweet and candy

by Youssef
(Alexandria, Egypt)

The man I saw

The man I saw

One day I was at my house on Halloween. The bell rang. I opened the door but I was in a hurry. I said "who is there?" I heard someone saying sweet and candy. Although I was terrified, I opened the door.

I saw a thief, I tried to close the door again, but he put his leg so as not to close the door. Quickly I ran but he caught me. He was wearing a scary mask. I tried to see his real face, but I couldn't. I wasn't as strong as he was. I hit him on his face and I ran with haste. I held a knife!

I killed him but there was another one, who ran away. I told the police and they positioned many bodyguards. They were around my house to make me feel safe.

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