by Jessa Lynn

One night three girls were having a slumber party! The girls names were Kimberly, Rosie, and Mariella. When their parents went to bed they started telling scary stories. One of them was about the apartments across the street named Summerwind!

They decided they should sneak out of the house and head over to Summerwind. Just in case, they brought a flashlight and an EMF detector.

They walked down the halls of Summerwind. They noticed there were tons of spiderwebs. When they looked over their shoulders they saw something walk down the hall towards them! At least that's what they thought.

Rosie noticed that the dark figure wasn't walking towards her; it was walking to another figure down the hallway! They kept looking and they noticed that when the figure stopped it had a knife in its hand. The dark figure started stabbing the human and they noticed Kimberly wasn't standing there! "It's her that's getting stabbed!" said Rosie.

They just kept looking at the dark figure. They could hear the skin getting stabbed and the blood running out of the body. The dark figure stopped and put his hands over Kimberly's head and started twisting her head. He kept turning her head and turning until the head came off! Now Kimberly haunts that place... very angry looking, for Rosie and Mariella, because they left her there to suffer.

It is known that when you go to Summerwind that she will do the very same thing and stab you and twist your head until it pops off!

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