Story of a Famous Girl

by Madison R

"Madison- what have you done with your hair?"

"Madison- what's the story of your life?"

"Madison- what type of clothes do you wear?"

All my fans screamed my name- and a question. Some a complement. Zero an insult. "I blow dried it!" "Read my diary- it says in there!" "Normally clothes like I'm wearing now!" I can never turn a fan down.

I'm not a popstar or anything, I'm just popular. Like, I'm really beautiful. I have blonde, wavy hair and twinkling green eyes. I have full red lips and... well... I'm pretty pale. I have a ski-jump nose and I have pierced ears.

"Madison- you look great. Like always." My boyfriend said to me. "Aw, thanks. I'm pretty famous. Or popular, I should say." I warmly replied. I was walking home with my boyfriend Deklin. I lived in East Seattle, in a mansion. Deklin loved to make out with me in my house.
He wasn't my # 1 fan, though. More like # 2 fan.

"Oh, here's my house, Just walk up these stairs and-" I began saying. I gently closed my eyes. "Deklin, take your hand off my shoulder." I said solemnly, trying to keep my voice from cracking. "I'm not gripping your shoulder..." Deklin gasped. I turned around with a slide of my foot. There, gripping my shoulders, was a broad-shouldered man with a ski mask on. He let go and gripped my neck- hard. Breathe, breathe, I ordered myself. I uttered a low moan. I just let out a terrified squeak, and I gently closed my now very heavy eyelids.

I slowly woke up. I heard soft crying.... above me. I was in a coffin- being barried alive. I pounded the top and screamed. "Let me out! Please- let me out!" I shouted. I pounded more. Pounding, pounding, pounding until my fists hurt. Pounding until I began crying. I couldn't breathe. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The coffin opened. Deklin's face appeared. He helped me up. "Madison, I-" Deklin tried to apoligize. I let out a defeated cry. I'm dead, I decided. Dead, dead, dead. Dead, rotting figure. That's all I am. I died of suffocation. That's why I have all these deep purple veins on my face, pulsing faster than a heart. Deklin seemed to read my mind. "No, your face is fine. No veins. Just regular you." Deklin assured me, putting his face on my shoulder. He lifted his head to kiss me. I let him. But, my eyes closed. I couldn't force them to open. I lost all feeling- but Deklin's lips locked on mine. People stared in shock. The boys grunted because they wanted to kiss me.

I had just then felt a knife stick deep into my arm, a sickening sound coming along with it. The same knife plunged into my stomach. No, I just have severe hunger. But I could open my eyes now. A deep wound was spilling blood out of my arm. A boy stitched it back up. I thanked him.

Thanks to that boy, I'm safe from dying of too much blood loss.

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