Stormy Night

by Jose
(Atlantic City, New Jersey)

One night it was dripping rain like never before. Boy was I scared of the thunder and lightning happening outside. What made it even more scary is there was a blackout and it was dark outside and inside was even worse. Now I was with my cousin at the time of the storm.

"Yo,Mike where are you"?

"I'm right here,man" I replied.

We were both scared of what might happen when all of a sudden I heard a noise. It sounded like a door being slammed.

"What was that? Mike did you hear something?"

"Yea, it sounded like someone broke in right?"

"Yea...". After that I saw that my cousin was frozen in shock cause what he saw was a man standing right in front of him holding an axe and he was after us.

"MIKE,LETS RUN" he yelled. We both started running when that killer just threw that axe at us. It missed but it chopped right through a door.

"Mike, we need to get out of here and get to a police station" said my cousin.

"I know but..." he was in the closet we were hiding and he grabbed my cousin by his shirt and threw him on the wall. He went after him, he grabbed the axe, before I knew it he slit my cousin right on his throat killing him. I got up and ran upstairs to get away from him before he noticed me.

"Man, my cousin just died, this is sad. What will I do from now on, he is all I had left that could help me and someone I could talk to for anything" I said crying cause my cousin was the only person that helped me since my mom left me when no one else wanted to take me in.

I saw the killer coming up the stairs and I was in a corner all by myself sitting there, shaking in fear. He touched my face and said "Mike, you're only a little kid. If you join me now in my killing spree you'll grow into something that people will fear and will be scared to even mess with you so will you join me"?

"No, I will never join after what you did to my cousin".

"So be it" he said. He took the axe and tried to kill me but I got away early. The axe got stuck in the wall and he was by the window. I saw a baseball bat on the floor I took it, swung and he went through the window landing hard on his back. I called the police, once they came I felt safe again.

"Don't worry son you'll be okay now" he said. An ambulance came and just seeing them take a dead body in there made me cry that my cousin died. I looked at the police taking the killer in the car from where I'm standing. He looked at me. I was surprised to see he actually lived after the fall. In his eyes I could see what he wanted, he wanted REVENGE!

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