by Brandon
(Glendale, Arizona)

Radio or boombox

Radio or boombox

One day, Jack went to a garage sale in his neighborhood. He loved going to garage sales because he always found something interesting. He walked up to a house and started digging through the junk that was laying in the carport. Just then, he found a little old radio, under a pile, in a box. He pulled it out and went to the old man that was taking the money. "How much is this?, asked Jack. The old man smiled and studied the radio.

"I remember when I first received this in a package, at my doorstep. It was shiny and red. The only problem was, it was sent by an anonymous person. I never knew who sent it to me so I never could thank them. I'll give it to you for free," the man said. Jack took the radio and was about to walk away. "...but there is something you've got to know."

Jack stopped walking to listen to what the man said. "Make sure you really take care of it because you'll regret it if you don't. When I got it, I made a mistake of dropping it once. Whatever you do, don't drop it." Jack thanked the man for the advice and ran home with the radio. He wanted to see if it really worked. Why would the man not want money for it if it worked.

He ran into his room and plugged the chord into the outlet. Loud music began blaring into his ears. He quickly turned it down. That night, he fell asleep, listening to music. When he woke up in the morning, he looked at his alarm clock and noticed that he was late for school. That's when he jumped up and accidentally knocked the radio over that was sitting on the nightstand.

Smoke started coming out of the radio! He had broken it! After getting dressed and having breakfast, he left for school. Little did he know what he was going to find when he got home.

That afternoon, Jack came home and went to his room. That's when he saw that his room had been destroyed by something. All the posters had been ripped to shreds and toys were scattered everywhere. He glanced over to his radio and saw tiny, little creatures crawling out from the speaker. Slime covered the carpet, where other little creatures had wandered.

Jack looked up onto his shelf and saw an evil creature, drawing all over his wall. It started to spell out the words, "Don't drop the radio." Jack ran out of the room and into the kitchen where he grabbed a knife that was laying on the counter. He ran back in to his room, but by then, the creatures had vanished. Then, he looked in the mirror and saw them on top of his head. They were crawling in and out of his hair.

When his mom came home from work, he ran to her, crying for her to get the things out of his hair. "I don't see anything, Jack. What's wrong with you. You look sick," the mom said. Nobody would believe him. The doctors came and took him away, the next day. They said he had gone insane.

No one ever knew what happened to the radio. The radio is probably circulating in garage sales across the nation, waiting for its next victim. As for the boy, he's doing just fine in his padded room at the mental institution where he's writing his latest short story entitled, 'Static'.

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