Star Struck

by Kelly S.
(Tulsa Oklahoma)

It was the beginning of my school year back in 1978. There were many things that happened back then but something happened in 1977 that I would never recover from. I saw the movie Star Wars and I became a changed person.

Oh what amazement my classmates must have had, as I gently plopped my brand new shiny STAR WARS lunch box on the cafeteria table to take a seat. I carefully and slowly open the awesome Outer Space beauty of gleaming lunch coolness and excitement.

As I slowly remove the bright colored light saber wielding Darth Vader thermos from the box, I look to my side to give my now shocked fellow classmates a friendly nod.

As I slowly turn the top of the thermos, looking up once more I notice all eyes on the colorful box of Space Force wonder and glory as it shines and sparkles as it is surrounded by the mundane dull finished cafeteria trays.

As I gently pull back the cellophane of my neatly prepared PB&J to take a bite, I am now extremely shocked as one or so dozen classmates drop their eating utensils and push aside their identical matching cafeteria style plate and arise from their lunchroom seat to let out the absolutely largest roar that put all the past pep assemblies from our school to shame as each student uncontrollably and very loudly shouts as each one throws an arm in the air is if they were holding a bright glowing blue light saber...

"May the Force be with you!... WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!

As they all shout in simultaneous fashion!

Automatically getting so excited from the enormous and overwhelming triumphant quote that sounded like they have come from the stars beyond, I jump from my seat, then climb up on the table with outstretched arm with a grin from ear to ear and yell to my fellow classmates and also now, new Star Wars comrades, I say, "This will be a day long remembered! It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the rebellion.”"

Each one of us gleam with excitement just as if we ourselves had taken Darth and struck him down with our very own light saber and sent him piece by piece, floating through the galactic ocean!

After the mayhem we all gather ourselves from the amazing star struck moment and one by one sit down and enjoy our celebrated lunch as we share items pulled from each of our lunches. I of course happily pass out my neatly wrapped aluminum foil covered chocolate Wookie Kookies specially prepared for me, by Mom.

It was genuinely a Super Galactic day for that day will never be forgotten in the space log in my mind and on that very day, the Force was definitely with us all.

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