Spying on my brothers

by Sophia G.
(Fredericton, NB)

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl named Princess Sophia. She had two evil brothers who were much older and smellier.

One day while Princess Sophia was feeding her cat, Mr. Rocco, she decided that she was far too bored for her liking. She decided she would spend the rest of her day spying on her two evil brothers.

The brothers were making a plan to make Sophia look bad at her birthday party this week. They were laughing and laughing. Sophia was not. She overheard their evil plan to embarass her. She listened carefully to their exact plan.

Now Princess Sophia decided to make her own plan to rid the kingdom of their horrible presence.

She decided to make cupcakes with icing on them. She made lemon cupcakes with pretty pink and white icing on top. When the boys were really really hungry, they went into the kitchen. They were happy to eat her cupcakes. They had one, and then another, and another. Before she knew it, they ate them all and were begging for more. So, she quickly made another batch of cupcakes. It only takes 20 minutes to make a batch. Once they were ready, the boys ate the whole batch of cupcakes. They begged for more.

Princess Sophia was not happy, but she decided to make more cupcakes for the boys. They ate three more batches of cupcakes before they blew up. Then Mr Rocco, the cat, said "What's for dinner Princess Sophia?"

The Princess and Mr. Rocco the cat ate tuna for dinner, and planned a quiet girl-only birthday party for Sophia. Mr Rocco would not be allowed to attend the party as some girls are allergic to him.

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