Sports Day at Kingsmead

by Catherine Sabbarton-Wright
(North London)

Mr.Sohoye, Mentor

Mr.Sohoye, Mentor

It's Friday 19th June and Kingsmead school are having their sports day. Tug-of-War is the main event, and it wasn't just the students who got involved. My form, BY, have made it to the final!! But so have SN. SN are like giants, so we had no chance.

SN won, I knew they would. Here comes the funny bit, all the teachers including, Mr.Sohoye (Mentor), Mr.Dow (HOY) and even Mr.Mallick (Maths Teacher, Who says he has muscles of steel, I don't think so). He obviously didn't have muscles of steel because they ended up loosing, LOL.

They tried really hard; Mr.sohoye was falling over in the mud and was being dragged along by another teacher. Mr.Dow was just acting like an idiot and he was pulling so hard that his trousers nearly ripped; and Mr.Mallick looked like an evil little gnome and pretty annoyed too.

That was my Sports Day, it was so fun, I hope you liked my story.

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