Spiritual experience

by Marina
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Once on my fourth birthday I was outside of my grandma's house playing inside of the jumphouse we rented, with my cousins and a couple other of my relatives. I got thirsty so I went inside to get a cup of water. There was a cup already on top of the counter so I went over to get it, but I noticed a bright white light from the corner of my eye. I turned around to see what it was. I couldnt believe it, it was my great great grandmother that had died about a year before.

I saw that I wasn't the only person in that room. My mom, dad, my grandmother, and my other grandma. It seemed like they new she was there because there was a gap between my grandma and mom and in that gap was my dead great great grandmother! My great great grandmother was just standing there looking and smiling at me.

I remember my grandmother and mom were saying "Oh your getting so big!" I was trying to get the words "Who is that?" out but I was too shocked to. I decided to just get some water and see what she did. I walked over to get some water I saw the same bright light again. She had followed me... put her hand on my shoulder and dissapeared.

I am now eleven years old and that was the last time I ever saw her. I always wish to see her again. I know she's around me, wathching over me so that's good enough to at least know she's in my presence.

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