Spider Attack

by Jose
(Atlantic city, N.J)

"My name is Matthew Knight and yes I am a little scared at stuff, especially spiders". I was standing there looking like an idiot with everyone laughing at me, my face turned red. "Mrs.Lance can I please sit down I'm a little tired of standing up"? I was actually getting mad at the laughs and snickers. Boy, did I want to escape, cursing the class out.

"Yes, Matthew take a seat". I sat down, happy that I can bury my head into the desk. Once school was over I ran home but I fell and landed on my head and then I saw this forest full of spider webs. I decided to walk in and check it out myself. I wished I never did walk in cause this was so scary.

"What's that noise"? I asked. I heard something scream and it didn't sound normal. It sounded like animal screams. I went to the other side of the forest and what I saw was terrifying. Right in front of me were eggs filled with spiders with a leg span of sixteen inches in diameter and were longer than a sword.

"I need to get out of here. But which way did I come frome they're spider webs everywhere"? I was so desperate to get out of there I never did get the chance to see where I came from. I then climbed a tree to see the end of the forest. The Spiders came crawling up the tree, and I jumped only to see the mother and it was huge the leg span was over twenty inches and the size of a Screen TV.

It screamed and came after me. I ran with all my force and I looked back to see someone was trapped in their web the babies got to him and ate him alive. The screams of help from him were scary, the babies tore his skin and bit his fingers off. I couldn't stand the sight so I kept running. I got out the forest and took one last glance only to the mother tear down trees.

I got home and took a nap. I woke up two hours later to find myself in the web and babies coming. One of them jumped at me and landed on my face and started eating my eyes out. I screamed with all my force but no one was going to help. The mother came and ate my legs and my hands. Before my death, I took one last scream and heard nothing but the babies eating the rest of me.

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