Something Is There

by Lois

it was a cold dark night and mary sat alone in her living room entranced by her book, before she could even turn to the next page a sreaching noise came from the above room. showing no fear, mary went back to her book. once again the sreaching noise was heard, however it was not coming from the above room but instead the top of the spiral staircase.

persuading herself that her mind was playing tricks on her mary decided to make herself a cup of tea. while the kettle boiled the screaching sound became more frequant and closer. the sound of footsteps began to trail down the stairs and make its way to the kitchen. frozen with fear mary was unable to do anything to scared the "thing" will get her. as the kitchen door began to open, a bright light appeared. the sreaching sound became deafening and mary began to scream.

the next day the paper boy was on his usualy route of delivering papers, coming upto marys house he dropped the paper on the front porch. as he began to walk away the front door open revealing the screaching sound, turning around the young boy then saw mary standing there. her face was pale and her body, limp. as he watched mary came towards him slowly. beginning to get scared he quick;ly turned and started to walk back towards his bike. glancing towards mary, he saw her eyes. a red glow began to form and unable to look away, the young boy began to walk towards her. as he was close enough the screaching sound was then heard again and a bright light appeared

You have some talent, but please work harder on spelling and Capitalization

Phil G

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Nov 23, 2009
great story
by: mole h

some talent this story was great well done keep writing
mole h

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