Snow White and the Seven Bums

by Vinosha

Once upon a decade ago, there lived a girl named Snow White. She was a very pretty girl and loved to go out for strolls. The only problem about Snow White was that she had a very big bum.

When she was child, her mother had taken her to the doctor to get a check up. The doctor said that every time Snow White accidentally bumped into someone else's bum, an extra bum would appear on her original bum.

According to the doctor, after seven bums have grown on Snow White's bum, she would faint for eternity unless someone were to punch her in the tummy. Then, she would awaken and be a perfectly normal human being with a small sized bum.

Years pass...

Snow White is now 27 years old. Over the passed years, she had already accidentally bump into six people's bums. Just one more bump and Snow White will only wake up by a punch in her tummy.

One day, while she was sitting in her house doing nothing, she decided to go dancing at a nearby club.

While she was dancing there, she accidentally bumped into one of the people there with one of her six bums. As her seventh bum started to grow, she fainted for eternity.

She was put in a glass coffin and laid down to rest in the town square where everybody could see the only funny history of their town.

After about 100 years, a small boy and his mother had moved to the town where Snow White lay, due to the fact that the little boy's parents had just divorced, and his mother got full custody of him. So, she decided to move somewhere peaceful and unknown.

While driving into the town, the mother stopped the car and decided to get down and ask for some directions on how to get to their new house. While his mother was outside, the boy saw the coffin which Snow White was put to lay in and decided to go check it out. So, without his mother noticing, the boy got out of the car and ran over to he glass coffin, and of course,being a little boy and all, he pushed the glass lid off the coffin and gave Snow White a BIG PUNCH IN THE TUMMY!

Snow White immediately awoke with a regular sized but and kissed the boy on the forehead. When the little boy brought Snow White to his mother, she saw that Snow White was obviously homeless and had no clothes left to wear. So, the little boy's mother took Snow White in to live with them.

A couple of months later, Snow White had married and lived happily ever after


(p.s. to all Snow White lovers out there please keep in mind that this story was just a joke and I did not mean any harm. I was just bored and this was just an idea of making my day a bit more fun and funnier. Sorry for any inconvenience)

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