Sneaking Out

by Elke

I sat in my room trapped. I was just helping my friend when my mom saw me and I had no chance of escaping. Let me tell you how it all started.

"RING RING!" The alarm rang. I covered my head with my pillow. My name is Sam Lorn. Sam is my nickname for Samantha. My full name is Samantha R. Lorn. I dressed up for the first day of school. My friend Jen, was waiting for me outside. We walk to school together.

We arrived at Shallpend High, our high school. I was a freshman and so was Jen. The bell rang for class so I walked glumly inside. Mr. Jones, our English teacher, started to take roll. When he called,"Samantha Lorn ?!"

I said, "Present!" "Jeniffer Wenson?!..." Jen wasn't here. I asked, " Mr Jones?" Mr Jones frowned, " Yes, Samantha?" I hesitated, " May I please be excused?" Mr. Jones frowned again, " No Samantha, class has already begun, now please be quiet while I count." I was mad, but what could I do? He is the teacher, and I'm the student. But I wanted to know where did Jen go. I stared at the clock almost the whole period untill
Mr. Jones called on me. " Samantha, please tell me what I just said?" I gulped," Um, I'm sorry but I couldn't hear you." Mr Jones replied," Well then, I'm sure you'll hear this, GO OUTSIDE TO MR. RAMEN'S OFFICE RIGHT AWAY!!!"

Mr. Ramen was the principal. I sighed and walked quietly to the office. The secretary, Mrs. Johnson said, " Samantha?! what happaned?!" I said, " Oh, nothing." I walked into Mr Ramen's office.

" Samantha, I know Mr. Jones is hard on you, but you really should pay attention in class." " I'll let you go, but please be more alert with Mr. Jones." I walked out of the office and to the next period.

Finally it was after school. I ran to Main Street and to Jen's house. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Wenson opened it," Hello Samantha, have you seen Jeniffer by any chance?"

I said, "No, not at all, she's not even at school?!" Mrs Wenson replied," Could you please look for her Samantha?" I nodded and went to the main plaza down the road for a hot cup of coffee. Then, I walked down the street and saw long legs wearing red sneakers, and jeans like Jen. I ran to it and saw Jen. I exclaimed," Jen what happened to you?!" Jen replied," Let's just say that an animal bit me."

I said," C'mon let's see if we could ask someone for clues. We walked into a weird looking house nearby. A man said, " Ah, let me guess, a camel bit you?" Jen replied, " How did you know?"
The man said," Well just forget about it, I could tell you the cure." " Find the FableStone located in the unknown region, I could take you there." " And you must find it before dawn or else your legs will never stop growing." " Go back home and meet back here during sunset." Then in an instant, he disappeared. I said," Jen you could stay at my house." Jen exclaimed," I can't, I'll just stay in the alley.

I walked home. My mom frowned at me," Samantha, you have came home late, you can't go out anymore today." " WHAT I HAVE TO GO OUT IT'S INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT?!" I demanded at once.

My dog Skippy nudged me to bathe him. I sighed, " I'll be in my room if you need me." I went to my bathroom with Skippy and gave it a bath. It was almost dawn and I jumped out the window. My mother
saw me and cried, "SAMANTHA ROSE LORN GET BACK IN HERE NOW!!" My mom calls me by my full name when she's mad at me. Now, I'm trapped. My mom locked the window and doors, everything except the bathroom.

I went in the bathroom and saw a rope tied to the hook. I grabbed it and slipped it through the window to unlock it. Then, I stepped out and ran back to the wierd house. Jen and the man
were waiting for me. The man took us to a portal and we arrived at the unknown region. The man gave me a button to click on to return when Jen touched the FableStone. Jen said that her legs grow every hour.

I fell into a trap before I knew it. Jen helped me back up with her legs. Lions and tigers came to attack us. I threw twigs and leaves at it, and ran. I took Jen into a cave with me. I took Jen deeper into a cave and swam to the other side. The FableStone appeared just then. I told Jen to touch it and her legs got back to normal. But then, I just remembered I had to get back home in time before my mom wakes up.

I pressed on the button but nothing seemed to happen. Then, I saw a unicorn fly in from the top of the cave and said," Need a ride?" We got on and the unicorn flew back to our city. I got off with Jen and took her back to her house. I ran back to my house and opened the window. I changed into my pajamas when my alarm clock rang. I quickly got into bed and pulled the blankets up my head. Then, I snoozed off.

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