Sleep with one eye open

by Alison

Addison always fit in in her school. She was really popular, and all the boys liked her. But one day her parents told her she had to move. Addison was so sad. She cried and cried. The school loved her so much they threw a party in the gym for her.

Later in the evening at the party she really had to go #1. So she rushed off to the gym bathroom. When she got to it, it was locked. So she had to go all the way to the west wing bathroom. She was always freaked out of the hallway by the bathroom, but she figured if she ran then she wouldn't be so scared.

As she started running down the hall she noticed a dark silhouette coming down the hall very slowly. She was a little unsure about the figure thinking he must be a janitor or something so she kept running. As she ran past him she looked at his face, and it was the face of the principal who had been murdered 8 months before.

Not knowing what to do she freaked out and screamed. Everyone came rushing and saw her shaking in a corner. Later that evening she got the guts to go back and look. There, written on a wall was "Sleep with one eye open." But as she told her other friends to look they said there was nothing and she was just being dumb. She started to freak out. She couldn't sleep at all that night, and the next day, moved.

As she went to sleep that night forgetting about everything, she heard strange sounds. Thinking it was the heater, it was her old principal. He came in and said HEY!! LETS BE FRIENSDS.

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