Sleep walking

by Hannah Beverly S.
(Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India)

The sun goes down for the dead

The sun goes down for the dead

When I woke up this morning I felt as tired as an Olympic athlete, but I still went outside to get the paper for dad. I only read the headline and it said: More People Missing

As I slowly walked into my room I heard a faint voice sounding in my small snow white ears. Yet I could not understand it or find where this voice came from, but even though I was frightened out of my wits I searched the house for this intruder.

When I opened the basement door the sound got louder, and I could make out what this voice said:
"Honey come on in and greet me and your father" before I went any farther I tried to imagine who or what this could be, a radio program? A TV show? Or maybe it's some crazy mad man from prison.

I kept walking further into the basement and each step made me want to turn back. But I resisted and looked around, until… I saw the most horrible sight I have ever seen! Hundreds of dead body’s stacked up on the floor! And two of them were my mom and dad.

I stared at this horrible sight when my dead parents sat up. “Hello Micah I’m very disappointed in you I didn’t know you hated us that much to kill us” I stared at her lifeless black boney eyes. “And as your punishment “said my dead so called mother “you will join me and the others you have killed.” and with that said all of the body’s arose, and my speechless dad held out a silvery axe.

And with my last moment to live I remembered that all of my sleepless nights.

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