Sleep Walking

by Carrie Alexander
(Northern Ireland)

"She kissed the prince and..."

"David lights out!"

"OK Mum." David closed his book and turned off his night-light. He fell asleep dreaming of love, peace and happiness...

David woke up with a "BANG"! He opened his eyes. "AAHHH!!" His Uncle Jack lay dead in front of him. He noticed the slit on the right side of his head. David was holding an axe covered in blood...

"But...But...But..." David kept saying. "WAIT! I must be dreaming! Yes that's it! I always sleepwalk, and the doctors said bad dreams come with it. So I must be dreaming. YES! THAT HAS TO BE IT! It's my sleep walking that has made me have a bad dream. That's all it is! I mean how could I have gotten here?! Ha!"

He kept talking to himself as he set down the axe. David's eyes fell closed... " Uncle Jack's dead... Must get home..."

"David!" David opened his eyes. What a bad dream, he thought! Why am I wearing my shoes, David wondered.

"David!" his Mum repeated. "What's wrong Mum?" David noticed his Mums tear-stained face.

"It's about Uncle Jack...."

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