Skeleton man

by mr frosy f

I moved from montana to wisconsin. i dont know wisconsin really well and the house is very eerie and strange. i woke up and went 2 school. then my mom told me to wear a dress 2 school that she bought from a old lady in orgen. i only saw a bit of her face.

there was a person following me when i went 2 my bus stop. it looked like the old lady. when i got 2 the bus stop she DISSAPEARED. it was scary!

instead of going 2 school i ran home and when i was running her voice said skeleton man skeleton man over and over when i got home i relised they called my uncle skeleton man. i did some research and that lady was my uncles ex-wife and he had killed her for her money and the buried treasture under their house and she had come back to kill him like he did to her band she was after me because he told her i had the money. so i went went 2 my uncles with my auntie and he was dead and that women was there laughing in a chair in his dining room and then i told her i knew where the money was we went down to the celler and in was buried with her bones. we now call her skeleton woman. she is buried right next 2 him.

this is how u somun the couple
1. go in youre living room or your bed room
2. turn off the lights
3. say skeleton couple come alive 4 times
4. wait five minutes and then go get a candle and light it
5. go get a bat and wrap 5 dollars around it
6. and then hit a teddy bear or a stuffed toy until it breaks
7. and then look outside and u will see them together holding a treasture
8. if u dare go get it and then say be gone or if ur scared say skeloton couple off u go

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