Skating Brink

by Yuella

"Adam? Adam! COME STRAIGHT BACK HERE, BOY!" Shouted Mr. Atkins furiously at his fleeing son, who was already speeding down the road on his designer skateboard. "Don't you go hanging out with those teenage gangsters at that good-for-nothin' ramp! Your mother would have said the same!"

But his dead parent was the last thing Adam wanted to think about at that moment, as the wind flew past him, sending his tears in wet gusts around his face. Soon, his father was out of sight and the angry voice that had pierced the silence in the respectable little neighbourhood moments ago, had completely faded. Adam guessed that Mr.Atkins was having troubles with his crutches again.

Adam loathed his father for leaving her behind on that fateful day. That terrible Tuesday afternoon... He could still remember the flames engulfing their Honda vehicle vividly, and his father's fearful face as he begged six-year-old Adam to leave the car and its single dying occupant. Adam could've sworn he'd seen his mother's smiling face in the smoke that came after the accident.

That was what his previous argument with the man in crutches, his biological enemy, had been all about.

Though this time, it was not public skating park that he was heading for to soothe his overwhelming emotions.

While he'd pondered on his skateboard, his body had somehow brought him to his destination; a gap in a well-concealed hedge near the public ramp.

Silently, he slipped through the small arching passageway of leaves, towing his skateboard close behind as he did so.

For a period of time that seemed incomprehensible to him, Adam groped around the dense foliage, until finally rays of fading sunlight broke through. Shading his eyes with one hand, Adam emerged from the thick bushes and trudged across the lifeless clearing before him.

Leaning against the remains of what Adam thought were she oaks was the group of boys that Adam met almost every afternoon. But this time, they had a new recruit. As Adam stepped towardS him, he lifted his face from the shadows.

Adam soon realised that the face below the over-sized black cap was not one of a boy at all. The girl's hair had been cut neatly to the bottom of her ears, and her long eyelashes, glasses and rosy lips startled him at first sight.

He was looking at someone who resembled his mother.

"So, what are you waiting for?"

The deep male voice startled Adam like a slap in the face.

"Let's go. The next challenge is gonna pump your engines!" Urged Blake, the leader of the group. Adam followed the sturdy-figured boy, along with the rest of the gang. He tried hard to stay in line with the girl, who trailed after them.

They arrived at the nearest train station, and Blake began to weave his way amongst the crowd, sometimes barely missing the edge of the platform. Trevor, Dave, Victor, Xavier, and some others whose names Adam were not familiar with, did the same. There came many shouts of disapproval when the rest of the group had vanished.

But Blake had a burning question in his mind, something far more important than daredevil skateboarding. He perched himself next to the girl, who was sitting on a bench where a boy listening to his headphones was grooving to the tune.

"What's your name?" Adam asked suddenly.

The girl didn't answer.

The boy in the headphones kept humming to himself.

"You don't always have to be a recluse, you know. I can tell that you're special in a way," continued Adam.

After a few moments, the girl shot him a glare and leapt to her feet.

The music addict beside them now had a worried expression on his face. Deftly, he removed his headphones and carefully inspected them.

The girl was disappearing into the crowd on her hot pink skateboard. Adam hurriedly sped after her on his.

She kept heading further down the terminal, and a while later Adam heard an electronic buzz and a loud exclamation. The other people waiting at the station rushed to help the source of the scream, so none of them noticed the two absent teenagers.

A loud roar of engines and a blinding light was coming toward them, but at first Adam took no notice.

Then, just as the girl was right at the edge of the platform, a huge, metal form drove past and knocked her out of balance. She fell right into the depths of the rails, her skateboard dangling over the edge.

There was no blood, no gore, no dead body.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Adam, stopping abruptly in front of the girl's skateboard. "Your name was Chrissie, wasn't it? Christina Atkins... a reincarnation of my mum. Why did you have to go too? Why?" Sobbed Adam, as Blake and the others arrived.

"Dude, ya' all right?" Asked a genuinely concerned voice. Adam looked up to see the frowning face of Blake Edwards.

"Mate, what just happened?" He said gently, his hand resting reassuringly on Adam's back.

"Don't touch me!" Shouted Adam, yanking Blake's hand off.

Police sirens sounded outside, and Mr.Atkins rushed in through an emergency exit.

Just then, Adam lunged forwards into the rails.

"Adam! What the heck are you doin'?!" Cried Blake, attempting to grab him. Shouts of warning came from the others as well.

But they were too late. Adam was plunging into the darkness below. The last thing he saw was his father shrieking, tears in his eyes. At that moment all of Adam's loathing for him vanished, as he realised that Mr. Atkins loved him as much as his mother did. When Adam hit the bottom of tracks, he felt no pain. Instead, the soft touch of his beloved mother and the happy grin of his father filled his mind.

Blake, his friends, Mr.Atkins and all the crowd stared down at the smiling corpse of Adam Atkins.

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