Sitting with Barbie

by Madison
(Traverse City, Michigan)

So a long time ago my sister Jenna got a life sized Barbie Doll for her 7th or 8th birthday. When she got older, Jenna didn't like it and threw it in the closet. Every night we would hear banging and thought it was the cat in her closet.

So one night Me, and my sister Liz slept in Jenna's room. We heard the banging again and got scared. So Liz being 2 years younger then Jenna got up and open the closet hoping to let the cat out. When she opened it the cat didn't jump out... the barbie fell out. Liz jump and shoved the barbie back in, closed the door, and ran to the bed.

That night we couldn't go to sleep because of the noise. So in the morning all of us opened the door to find the barbie on the door. We moved the barbie and there were small dents the shape of Barbies fingers...

After that happened we gave the Barbie to our Aunt Dakota... hoping she wouldn't hear banging noises in her closet.

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Nov 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

whyd didn't they open the door if it was the cat. Whyd they leave it closed.

Dec 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

not as scary as i hoped

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