Sister's Near Death

by A grateful sister

Sports car, fast approaching

Sports car, fast approaching

I woke up one morning all bright and breezy. I got dressed and I decided to go over and have a morning chat with my friends that lived across the road. They were Sarah and Mary. I was having a grand chat when I saw my 3 year old sister walking out the gate in her one piece pygamas.

There were cars coming up and down the road like snakes slithering up and down the desert. She ran across the road when there was a car coming and the car stopped suddenly. I ran over and picked her up and brought her safely across the road.

I brought her over to my Mom and I told her what had happened. She was bawling her eyes out saying "oh My God!!!!! Are you alright" while Lisa was laughing mad thinking she did nothing wrong and was confused.

My sister was very lucky that day. I'm glad that she's still here because I couldn't live without her. She's now 11.

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