Shivers of Doom

by Abby

Are you coming along? asked Ryan. In a minute, I just wanna look at my candy so far, Ry! replied Anna briskly, rummaging through her candy sack. It was nearly ten o'clock on Halloween night as Anna, Ryan, Joey, and Mallory wandered to houses gathering candy.

Ugh, I hate these boots! shrieked Mallory, rubbing her sore ankle. Well, maybe 4 inch heels weren't the smartest to wear outside, Mall. Anna said sympathetically. Hey guys, lookie here! We haven't hit this house yet! I think we might have just hit the jackpot! Ryan exclaimed, rubbing his hands together in greed. Ry, I heard stories bout this place. A witch is s'posed to live here. And, at night, you can hear her yelling at all the kids that come by her house! Joey said tentatively. Oh, please, you don't really believe that junk, do ya? Ryan teased. Anna, Mallory, and Joey were reluctant to follow Ryan up the driveway of the house.

Ryan rang the doorbell twice and stepped back quickly, expecting the worst. A nice woman came to the door wearing an apron and a fake wart on her nose. Why, hello, children! What a surprise! Hardly any kids come by my house anymore! Would any of you care for some chocolate chip cookies? I have some fresh out of the oven. She offered, smiling kindly.

We, uhhh, aren't supposed to go into strangers houses. said Anna loudly. C'mon, don't be wimps, she gots cookies! whispered Ryan, stepping in the doorway confidently. Sure! he said.

The woman led them to her kitchen decorated in black streamers and covered in photos of people being hurt by another person. Here we are! the woman said, pulling out a sheet of cookies. Yum! exclaimed the kids. Uh, Mrs? Whats that pink stuff in the cookies? asked Joey with his mouth full of cookie. Oh, that? Just part of my SPECIAL recipe! Do you like it? she gushed. Yeah, but they taste kinda funny. Mallory said. The woman glanced at the kids sinisterly. Oh, they are supposed to be like that! she explained.

Aaaah! Screeched Anna, as her vision blurred and she fell the floor. Sleep tight, darlings, The woman said evilly. When they woke up, they were in a room that was pitch black, except for a window letting in moonlight. Where are we? they all whispered in unison. You, said the woman, stepping out of the shadows, are in my home, where I plan to keep you until you die.

The children gasped. W-wh-what? murmured Ryan. You pesty children corrupt this neighborhood with your immature antics, and unless your parents pay ransom, I plan to keep you. She said sweetly. Why do you want us? asked Anna. I need the money. And I need you out of my hair. You must stop spreading rumors so that more kids will come to me. she replied ferociously.

And that was the end of Anna Monroe, Mallory Cantreel, Joey Alen, and Ryan Zimmers.

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