She was afraid of the dark

by Katelyn

Brooklyn was the popular girl at school. Beautiful, kind, funny, smart, and flawless... or at least seemingly flawless. She always acted as if she was fearless, afraid of absolutely nothing, even though that was an untrue statement. True, she wasn’t afraid of spiders or monsters or snakes, but she was afraid of one thing: the dark. Brooklyn was afraid of the dark.

She was afraid of the dark. Too embarrassed to admit she had a night light (like any other teenager would be), she never invited anybody to sleep over at her house until one night.

Brooklyn’s best friend, Tessa, finally talked her into letting her spend the night. Before Tessa arrived, Brooklyn knew that she had to take down and hide her night light so that Tessa wouldn’t think that she was a scaredy-cat. Of course, it was hard for her, but Brooklyn eventually managed to put the night light into her attic where she would never sleep with it again.

Tessa arrived not too long after and she greeted Brooklyn with a hearty hug. They had a fun, fun time all day until it was nighttime. It was 11:00 pm, to be exact. Tessa rolled out her sleeping bag and lay down.

“Hey,” she spoke to Brooklyn. “Let’s tell each other scary stories!” Brooklyn strongly protested and told her that it was a really bad idea, but being the nuisance she was, Tessa teased her.

“Aw, come on,” she said. “You are Brooklyn Jones. You are afraid of absolutely nothing, remember? Unless that was a lie...”

“No,” Brooklyn argued. “I’m just afraid that I’ll scare you so badly that you won’t be able to sleep for the next two weeks.” After many minutes of arguing, Brooklyn finally agreed to let Tessa tell her a scary story.

“Once upon a time,” Tessa began. “There was a beautiful young girl who...” Luckily for Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s mother heard them talking and she walked into the room.

“Girls, it’s time to go to sleep.” Tessa and Brooklyn sighed and said ‘fine’ and ‘whatever’ when Brooklyn was secretly relieved. Before they fell asleep, guilt took over Brooklyn. She knew that it was bad to keep secrets from her best friend. So she said, “Hey Tessa? I am afraid of something. I’m afraid of one thing. I’m afraid of...” Before Brooklyn could finish, Tessa got up and started to walk out of the room.

“Hold that thought, Brooklyn. I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll go ahead and turn out the lights.”

Tessa shushed her. “I’ll be right back, okay? You can tell me in a minute.” With that, Tessa turned off the lights and left the room. Brooklyn awkwardly lay on her sleeping bag by herself for a minute. Then she heard a noise. She brushed it off, despite her pounding heart. Then, there it was again! Then she saw the silhouette of a teenage boy come out of her closet.

“Good,” he said coldly. “I was waiting for her to leave.” Tessa felt the warm water rush over her hands, washing them clean. Then, a loud, terrified scream from her best friend made her jump and nearly fall backwards. She quickly turned off the faucet and ran up the stairs, screaming Brooklyn’s name. She wondered how Brooklyn’s parents couldn’t hear their daughter screaming in terror. What Tessa didn’t know, was that the killer had already taken care of Brooklyn’s parents.

She fumbled with the doorknob when she realized that it was locked! In panic, Tessa knew that she didn’t have any time to find something to pick the lock: she just had to break the door down.
When Tessa kicked open the door and turned on the lights, she saw a horrifying image. Her best friend was on her back, a scared expression on her lifeless face. She had been stabbed and quickly gutted!

The killer was nowhere to be seen which terrified her even more. Written in Brooklyn’s own blood above her body was a message. It said: She was afraid of the dark.

Two harsh, strong hands grabbed Tessa from behind. The right hand was holding a knife with fresh blood on it. The last thing she heard was a cold, evil voice whisper in her ear.

“Now she’s in the dark forever! Are you afraid of the dark?”

The newspaper told of the new crime. Tabloids read, ‘TWO TEENAGE GIRLS MURDERED; PARENTS FOUND DEAD; KILLER ON THE LOOSE’. Nobody ever found out who the killer was. The only person who knew was Brooklyn’s ex-boyfriend: the crazy ex-boyfriend who had murdered his ex-girlfriend and her best friend.

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