She paid the price

by Janani
(Abu Dhabi)

Long time ago, there was this greedy woman who married a man from a very wealthy family. She was so eager to get all the money that one day she shot him dead.

Two years later, while she was walking back home from a friend's gathering, she heard a voice saying "I am just 3 km away from you, I will come and kill you!." At that instant, she ran to her house and locked the door.

Then she heard the voice again saying "I am right outside the gate of your house and I can see you, and I am going to kill you!" She was petrified so she went into her room and nailed the doors as quick as she could.

Then, again, she heard the dreadful voice saying " I am right behind you!" She looked behind and she saw the ghostly figure of her husband.

A few seconds later, he took out his knife and stabbed her.

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