Sharp Memory of A Girl

by Vaman

Mom and dad of a little girl Monica were happy due to her excellent performance in the competition held in the school. It was a unique brain test for the girls. Three questions were asked keeping in view of children’s age. Fifty different items like flowers, fruit and eatables were given in one full page.

The participant has to read it very carefully for two minutes and thereafter copy the items correctly in the separate sheet within two minutes. Two identical photos were given on right and left hand side. The participant has to find out at least four differences by closely observing it within three minutes. A simple question and three answers were given below.

If you look at these answers, anybody can say that all of the answers are correct. The student has to tick the correct answer within five minutes.

Everybody, who participated in the test were very serious and his or her sole intention was to achieve success. Monica took it as a challenge. The teacher collected the papers, when the time allotted to each question was over. The result was out after one hour. Monica declared as winner of the contest. She was naturally most happy to know the result.

The function was arranged in the school to distribute the awards to successful students. The parents of Monica were invited to participate in the function. Monica was asked to come to the dais to receive the prize. She was asked to explain the secret of her success.

She went to the dais and told, “When I first saw the problems, I started thinking for a while. The first question was copying 50 items correctly on the separate sheet without any mistakes. Out of three minutes given, I took one minute for reading the items and two minutes for listing down.

For the second problem, pointing out four differences in identical pictures, I took just two minutes to locate the difference at the first sight. In the right side the girl was holding a pen with the name as ‘heero’. But one alphabet ‘e’ was missing in the left side as ‘hero’. In the right side her dress was with three buttons, whereas in the left side it was four buttons. By close observance, one can see the difference in her shoes. In the right, it was light blue and in the left it was dark blue. The girl was holding a bag containing books with the picture of sun on the right side and moon on the left side.

As regards third question, I was really nervous. I took a chance to tick the answer. It was my good luck that the answer given by me was correct. I would like to thank mom, dad and my class teacher for their good wishes.”

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