Shaken up Charlie Brown

by Jordi Matthews

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

1905, was the year of the fight. People gathered from all over the world to see Tomazo Avinode compete against Edwarnido Gartup. Both men wanted to marry Ebenee Wilery.

As the crowed started to arrive, a hurrican suddenly appeared clearing everything in it's path. Everyone ran for shelter, but Ebenee just stood in the middle of the stadium with her hands waving in the air. 3 long hours later, the hurricane disappeared. Luckily, nobody else was hurt.

Ebenee fell to the ground as all the men hurried to save her. She was dead. All of a sudden, the men were thrown away by the wind and Ebenee's spirit rose from her body.

2 weeks had passed and it was finally her funeral. Everyone arrived. Halfway through the ceremony, there was a knocking sound. "Knock, knock, knock." One person ran up to the casket and opened it with all his might. Out came Ebenee with a sword. "You are all going to die" bellowed Ebenee as she stabbed the people one by one.

At the back of the room sat a little boy, curled up rocking forward and back. That boy was called Charlie Brown. He still lives today and if you know someone called Charlie Brown do not ask him about the year 1905 or he will hunt you down like he did to me. I am one of Charlie's victims and I am dead.

(Don't believe me? Search his name on Facebook, add him then ask him about the year 1905)

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