Shadow In The Park

by June
(The Great Pacific North West)

On a fine summer evening in the park two friends were goofing off on the swing set. Amy and Julie were good friends and have never been to the park after dark. This park you are not allowed to enter after dark. There's even a sign at the entrance saying so. Amy and Julie know that rule and have tried to break it before. They got scared and went back home. This time they entered the park right before the sun started to set.

As they were swinging they noticed that it was getting darker but thought nothing of it. They were having too much fun. When it was almost dark Amy started staring forward at this strange shadow and thought nothing of it but when Julie said something about it Amy got a little worried.

"Hey Amy do you see that strange shadow?"

"Yeah I see it but I think it's nothing."

Though Amy said she thought it was nothing she knew there had to be something up with it. It just did not feel right to her. Julie started to scare her even more when she started talking again.

"It is a bit chilly and kind of dark do you want to head back?"

"Um yeah I'd like to, I guess. You know that when you feel cold spots it's a sign that there could be a spirit?"

"Amy we are outside! Of course it's cold!"

"Yeah but it's summer! Usually it's at least a little warmer than this at this time at night!"

"Oh you're letting the shadow get to your head! Please just forget about it. I'm sure you were right it was nothing."

"No, I am not letting that shadow get to my head! I was just saying what was on my mind that's all."

"Um ok but please don't forget the time when you thought those construction workers were actually aliens."

"Please never bring that up again."

"Oh ok. Uh wait that shadow was not this close before was it?"

"Oh now you're trying to scare me aren't you?"

"No! I'm serious! Look!"

Amy looked and she noticed Julie was right. It did look closer! She was not going to admit Julie was right though.

"It's just your imagination. I think we should just leave. The sun has set and we should not even be in the park right now."

"Uh I guess you might be right. Um so do you want to grab our scooters?"

Amy and Julie rode their scooters to the park as they usually do and parked them in the spot they usually park them in but that spot was over near that shadow both were scared of.

"Um how about if you get them?

"Me? Why me? Are you a chicken? You are afraid of the shadow! I knew it."

"Well why won't you get them?"

"Because uh you know? I don't uh... oh fine I'll get them!"

Just then both of the girls heard a growl. Then both were too scared to even breath for two seconds. Amy was the first to speak.

"Ok there is something strange going on in this park and I'm sure it has to do with that shadow!"

"Uh Amy?"



Amy looked and she saw the shadow was even closer. They would have the get their scooters now or it might even be too close for them to get off the swings. Julie decided on what they should do.

"Ok the two of us are going to get off these swings and go grab the scooters together!"

"Ok but I am scared."

"Come on, it will take five seconds, then we can leave!"


The two girls got up and walked over to the scooters. They were expecting for it to look like it was closer as they got closer but it stayed put. They grabbed their scooters then slowly walked away. Both not taking their eyes off the shadow for a single second. As they were leaving they expected it to look like it was farther away as they got farther but the farther they went the closer the shadow looked. Finally as they were on the path to get out, the shadow was where their scooters were and it was watching them leave.

A close look at the shadow took the breath out of both of them for the shadow opened it's two red glowing eyes.

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Dec 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

not that scary....

Dec 11, 2009
by: latina lady

this story is freakkkyyyy....dauuuuuummmmmmm

Dec 09, 2009
by: mole

reely good i liked it thurolly lol it woz great

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