Seven Minutes In Hell

by Madeline Lucker
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Liza went to her friend Tanya's house to have a sleepover. When she walked in the door, there was a huge party going on. Almost thirty kids were there and Liza usually gets nervous at parties. Tanya drank a whole bottle of vodka and used the bottle for spin the bottle. When Liza spun, the bottle pointed towards a cute boy named Jerry.

Jerry and Liza kissed deeply and almost started making out, but caught themselves when they both realized the many kids staring at them. Jerry winked at Liza and she smiled at him. Later, the kids played truth or dare, and Jerry convinced his friend Dan to dare Liza to make out with him.

When Dan's turn came along, he asked Liza, "Liza truth or dare?" Liza replied, "Dare." Then Dan said, "Make out with Jerry." So she did the dare and made out with Jerry. Later on Tanya started a game of seven minutes in heaven, with Dan in the closet. Then it was Liza and Jerry. Liza went in the closet with Jerry and they kissed a few times when she felt Jerry's cold hand on her shoulder.

"Jerry... please take your hand off my shoulder its really cold." Jerry had a confused look on his face then said, "Liza my hand isn't on your shoulder." Liza got scared and lit a match then turned around. She saw a clown with a knife in his hand and a big grin on his face, still holding tight on Liza's shoulder.

Liza squirmed and screamed. Then Jerry screamed. Tanya shouted "Your seven minutes are up!" Neither Liza nor Jerry came out and the screaming still went on. All of a sudden, silence. Red goop streamed out under the door and then the door swung open, creaking. Nothing was in the closet.

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Oct 12, 2010
No sense
by: <3 Justin Bieber <3

this story is awesome but it doesnt make any sense at times. how old are they?????

Oct 26, 2009
by: im hiding

wow you are so awsome keep on writing youre stories or ill get youi !

Jul 29, 2009
rockin out
by: andrea

i cant belive they made out but was the hand in the shoulder real or n??

Jul 14, 2009
by: Vanessa

This is so CREEPY. Lo=iza should have never played 7 minutes in heaven. But i wonder did her friend figure out that she and jerry died?

Apr 01, 2009
by: by a nobody

that was unexpeced!wich i like about stories!!good job! :)

Jan 10, 2009
good job
by: connor g

great job extremely scary

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