Seven Fingers

by Molly N.
(Australia NSW Sydney)

There once was a young girl named Tina who was eight years old. Her parents were killed in a car crash when she was four years old and was sent to live with a foster family.

They were the nicest family you could ever imagine. They would cook anything Tina wished to eat and would take her out to any store and buy any toy Tina wanted for her birthday.

This year, the whole family went out to buy Tina a present for her since it was her birthday. They went to a strange looking store that sold all kinds of toys. Tina looked around and found what she wanted. It was a doll placed alone on a dark bench. It had very straight, dark hair and little beady eyes but the most strangest thing about the doll was that it always held seven fingers up.
Tina's parents bought the doll of course but just when they were about to leave the shop keeper warned them strongly to never keep the doll alone with their daughter, Tina.

One night, Tina's parents were at a friend's wedding. They called a babysitter to take care of Tina but was coming late so Tina was all alone except for one thing. There was still the doll they had bought for her birthday.

The next day Tina's parents arrived and saw their daughter, Tina lying dead on the floor with a doll placed beside her. Only this time it held up eight fingers.

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