Seven Days

by Chloe
(United Kingdom)

Sally and Jasmine (two 11 year olds) were watching a scary movie when all of the lights went out, and the power had gone, but the phone rang. How could the power be gone? A girl on the other end of the phone said in a croaky voice.. "seven days". The girls were scared but after the lights came back on they did manicures and forgot about it.

Sally went upstairs to the bathroom, she didn't come back for half an hour, Jasmine was wondering, where the heck is she? She walked upstairs and Sally was in her bedroom looking at the walls. Someone had written in blood, "seven days".

They started to cry then they went back down and ate cheese sandwiches and Mars bars.

Seven days later they came home from school and their parents were still at work. The phone rang. The same girl who called seven days before said "two minutes". With a cackle she rang off. They thought it's probably a prank caller!

The phone rang back and Sally answered it. Jasmine went upstairs to do her homework. It was their mum on the phone. After their mum rang off, Sally walked upstairs to find Jasmine looking at the telly, except she wasn't looking, her eyes were gone!

The telly was on and it was a girl with pale white skin, and black messy hair, grinning at her. The girl shouted "Now your turn!"

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