Scream from the Darkness

by Anna

Swish, swish, swish. I stood up and rubbed my wet hands together. It was midnight. I had been just about to go to bed when I heard a whirring noise. It was my lousy pool cleaner and it was all tangled again.

I ran outside and untangled it, trying hard to see. The only light I had was from the pool light, which wasn't much. The moon had mysteriously not come out that night; I assumed it went behind a cloud. A few big drops of rain splattered on my face as I walked towards my huge, intimidating mansion. I was just about to open my screen door, when I heard a scream.


I jumped about a mile. Then I chuckled nervously at my own stupidity.

"Oh, it was just the door. Stupid thing has been making a terrib...." I was cut off by another scream, more blood-curdling and spine-tingling than the last. This time, I didn't laugh.

"H...hello?" I stammered confusedly, " someone out there?" I didn't know what to expect. An answer? Maybe. A cry for help? More likely. But I was wrong both times. I stood still listening for a moment to the sounds of the splattering rain. Then, all was quiet. The silence frightened me even more than the screams. I shivered, then turned around again to open my door.


I didn't even think about what I did next. I turned around and stomped off into the direction of the noise. The screams were getting closer now, and more ear-splitting. When I was just a couple of yards away, I realized my mistake. I was facing a swampy area with low, drooping trees. They seemed to enclose around me, cutting me off from going back. But it was what I saw, and heard that scared me the most.

A hunched figure sat on the ground, its back turned towards me. From what I could make out, it wasn't human. It was motionless. It sat like that for about five minutes until it finally shook a little and sniffed the air. It let out a low growl, and slowly, slowly, it turned around to face me. I was positive my stomach had flown out of my throat when I saw the creature's face. It had short, bared, extremely sharp teeth that looked like tiny knives. It had the face shape of a man with short, wispy hair scattered across its death white skin. Its nose pointed up slightly revealing two holes. Its eyes were so big, that they took over the entire top part of its head. It stood up and faced me.

"Aaaah!" It howled with its head facing the air. It raced towards me, shrieking at the top of its lungs. I screamed one last time as its fangs drove into my heart.

I awoke a few hours later in my bed. The horrible dream was over. It was still dark and the moon had finally appeared. I laughed for a long time about my dream, and grabbed a glass of water. Instead of the face I had known for so long reflected in the glass, the face of the creature from my dream appeared, staring into the water with its huge eyes. I tried to scream but all that came out was... a werewolf's howl.

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