Scary messages

by Joe

This is my cool drawing!

This is my cool drawing!

I lost my phones ages ago and you know how you can attempt to call your phone with someone else's phone, to find your phone? I done that.... lots of times. I called myself so much, I got bored, so I decided to listen to the answer phone and "please leave a message, after the tone BEEP!"

I kept of calling myself and leaving myself messages ... scary messages. " WHERE ARE YOU?!" I said, " I WILL FIND YOU" "JOEY'S GONNA GET YA!"

About five months later, I finally found my phone. I have 243 voice messages. But unfortunately for me, I completely forgot about the scary messages I left and I was scared stiff!

" WHERE ARE YOU?!" " I WILL FIND YOU!" they said.

I told my mom that I thought someone was trying to ... GET me! Then, she reminded me about the messages I left myself ...

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