Scariest cold in the world

by Kalina Russell

Ever have a sled like this?

Ever have a sled like this?

One year, for winter break, I went with my cousin and her family to a cabin up in Big Bear. It was a great trip. There was tons of snow, and it was great for sledding. One day we had gone off with my Aunt and Uncle looking for a place to sled.

They said that my cousin and I were allowed to go out and explore. We took that chance and ran as far from the group as possible. We were trying to get to a hill that looked like it was a perfect sled spot, but to get there, we had to cross a frozen lake. We tested it first and it seemed very safe. We slowly inched our way over the ice when suddenly either it tipped, or it broke I can't fully remember, either way we fell in.

We couldn't get up because the sides were too slippery. We had to sit in the water for about 3 minutes until her parents came and fished us out. It was the scariest moment of my life, but we still had fun that week.

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