Scared for life

by Elizabeth

Once there was a mom, and her daughter named Ashly who was 14, and a dog named Bella {who was a golden retriever} lived in a old house in the middle of nowhere. Some people say that the house is haunted. Well... it's not now, but it will be.

One day Ashlie's mother told her to walk Bella to the mailbox and get the mail. Of course she listened to her cause she's her mom. Anyway, when she got to the mailbox she turned her back for two short minutes, then turned back around and Bella was on the ground dead. She wanted to scream but she didn't want to worry her mother or anyone else. So she turned back around to shut the mailbox, and there was a killer standing in front of her holding a knife! She was trying to run away but he was too fast. She ran inside the house to tell her mother to call 911, but her mother was already dead.

It turns out there were two killers instead of one, because how could her mother die that quickly with just one killer? Anyway she grabbed the phone and ran to the closet and dialed 911, but the phone wouldn't work, because the killers cut the phone line! She started to cry, but the killers heard her, and they opened the door, and she screamed, AHHH! There was no-one there so she walked out slowly, and turned around to shut the closet door and... AAHHHH And she now haunts her house while her mother and dog went to heaven.

She stays in the house cause it's her home, and she forgets she's even dead and tries to talk to people. Pretty soon she will find out. Two years later a family moved into the house. A mom, and her daughter named Violet who was 14, and her son Danny who was 4. Danny doesn't talk at all for some reason, and no-one knows why. Violet's mom Vicky, loved the house and thought it was great, BIG MISTAKE! Violet thought it was ugly, and creepy. Danny well... Danny doesn't really know anything, he doesn't like it or hate it, but he is kind of scared of it.

When they moved in Violet heard something in the house at the basement. So she went down there and as soon as she touched the floor it was turning into a nasty gooey green swamp. She fell in it, Ashly was trying to pull Violet down cause she is hungry for some food, and doesn't want them living in the house. As she was screaming for help Danny just stood there watching. Finally her mother came and everything disappeared.

Her mom asked her what happened and Violet told her the whole thing but her mom didn't believe her. Violet went to Danny and said "Why didn't you help me Danny, why did you just stand there, I could have died. "But Danny didn't answer but all he said was "they're coming after you, this house is haunted. "Violet kind of got freaked out and just went to her room until morning.

The next morning Violet was back in the basement because she heard another sound but this time she only went to the fist step down the stairs. Danny was standing in the middle of the hall watching Violet. Then She turned around and stood there, then all of a sudden hands are coming out of the walls and grabbing her head and trying to pull her down, and she was screaming for help. Then her mom came. And once again it all disappeared.

Violet told her mom everything again, but she still didn't believe her. Her mom was tired of all these stories, but they weren't stories. So she sent Violet to her room and to go to sleep.

Her little brother Danny was in the pantry with his mom and his mom was washing the cloths, while Danny was sitting on the floor looking in the mirror. He started talking to himself... well his reflection. His mom told him to go get Violet up and go outside. So when he left, his reflection was still there sitting were he was sitting. His mom turned around and noticed it and she touched the mirror, and it tried to kill her. Finally the mom believed Violet.

When Violet was outside with Danny in the corn field and Violet saw a ghost in the corner of her eye and followed it but it disappeared. Then her mom came out saying get in the car were leaving this place. So they all got in the car and left. And when they got to their new home Violet saw a face in the window and knew it was haunted. It was Ashly again coming back for revenge the next morning she went to their new basement and....AAAAAHHH!

Now Ashly let the mom and Danny go to heaven, but kept Violet and acted like they were friends, Violet is now dead. And she is so scared she can't talk anymore. Looks like she is now one of Ashlie's collections of people. And when Ashly gets hungry well.. she's gonna eat her!

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