Saved by prayer

by Carrie
(N, Ireland)

"Wow!" The mountain before him looked enormous. This man, as part of a group, had just landed on a volcano to explore it. A volcano that had, just days earlier, erupted. It was going great for a few days but he nearly lost his life.

Their departure day came, but no-one came for them. No-one could find them. Knowing they had little food they started to panic. With every hour that passed they became weaker, and after days they gave up all hope.

What was that? Was it thunder? No! No! It was a helicopter! "Over here!" the man shouted. "Over here!" But the helicopter didn't see them and flew away. This was the end. They'll never look in this area again, he thought. But the man prayed. He prayed and prayed. Who was that? An unfamiliar voice called his name. He turned around. No-one was there. Then the miracle...

He saw, a small distance away, two trees that had fallen and formed a cross. And that's where the helicopter landed.

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